quarta-feira, 1 de novembro de 2017

PSY:CODE Release Official Video for "ISKOLDE ØJNE (Cold Dead Eyes)"

Copenhagen-based modern hardcore group PSY:CODE have released the official video for "ISKOLDE ØJNE (Cold Dead Eyes)," a track from new album "MØRKE". Complete with lyrics sung in Danish, the video can be consumed at: 


"MØRKE" is out now on Pavement Entertainment. The album can be purchased through iTunes and Amazon.

PSY:CODE previously released these official videos for songs from the album:

"Loosen the Tight" (360 video): https://youtu.be/Qt7kVaBY-Zw

"Stay Disappeared": https://youtu.be/RUW2AHOHqMs

PSY:CODE is a band driven by a desire to reach beyond its own boundaries. The band's first two releases, "Delusion and Cause" and "Neglect", were met with critical acclaim by critics worldwide. The praise was not met with complacency and PSY:CODE set the bar higher when writing their third album. "MØRKE" is a natural progression, but remains grounded in the roots planted by its predecessors.

Over the years PSY:CODE has supported several major acts, including Slayer, Mastodon, Amon Amarth, Trivium, Gorefest, Illdisposed and Artillery. The band has toured extensively in their native Denmark and throughout Europe. 

"A war machine in step with the times."
 - TrueMetal.it

"Big, beefy metal riffs coupled with industrial elements that hark a very disturbed bastard child of FEAR FACTORY and MESHUGGAH."
 - The Independent Voice

"These guys are brilliant. They can go from one genre of metal to another with ease."
 - Project Metal Music

"Just a ton of different ideas going on with Psy:code's third release, MØRKE. Death metal, hardcore, post-metal, groove metal, the list could continue on..."
 - Dead Rhetoric

"Psy:code brings the scream!"
 - Moshpit Nation

"One of the best new bands you should be listening to."
- Source Webzine

Source: Clawhammer PR