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PÄNZER: unveil 'I’ll Bring You The Night' lyric video!

„This is an album to give to people to show them what heavy metal is.”
OVERDRIVE MAG (AUS), Christian Graus

Last Friday, heavy metal icons PÄNZER finally unleashed their sophomore record entitled »Fatal Command«! Today, they present a brand-new lyric video for their song 'I’ll Bring You The Night', which is also part of the new album. The clip can be viewed over on YouTube:

Schmier comments on the song: "We all have a bad day sometimes, this song might help you through this! Sometimes the animal in you needs to get tamed, people with a high temper like me will understand…hahaha! But I think this is the most groovy track on the record, melodic but still dirty and in your face with a tight & driving right hand picking. It is the most German sounding track on the record - you gotta play it loud!!!"

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»Fatal Command« - Track Listing:
01. Satan's Hollow
02. Fatal Command
03. We Can Not Be Silenced
04. I'll Bring You The Night
05. Scorn And Hate
06. Afflicted
07. Skullbreaker
08. Bleeding Allies
09. The Decline (…And The Downfall)
10. Mistaken
11. Promised Land
Bonus (DIGI and 2LP only!)
12. Wheels Of Steel

"With »Fatal Command«, we pay tribute to our early days and the era of NWOBHM," Schmiercommented. "The new songs are faster, heavier, catchy and even more melodic, without being commercial at all. We wanna keep the old and original metal spirit alive."

»Fatal Command« lives and breathes heavy metal like few other albums of recent years do. It is a monolith of a record on which the tempestuous music, the provocative artwork and Schmier's social-criticism come together under a metallic and indestructible hide, courtesy of Little Creek Studio in Basel, Switzerland. One thing, however, is setting »Fatal Command« apart from the perfect heavy metal record: "There's no ballad! But as the singer, I wanted to spare mankind," he laughs. Consequently, PÄNZER prefer to hit the throttle and concentrate on kicking as much ass as possible. »Fatal Command« proudly wears the insignia that so many current bands are lacking, a bold statement against wimps and posers. PÄNZER swear a solemn oath on »Fatal Command«: They will be true to heavy metal in good as well as in bad times, in sickness and in health. They will love it and honour it all the days of their lives until death does them part. Amen!

After the departure of Herman Frank (VICTORY)PÄNZER recruited Pontus Norgren of HAMMERFALL to aid their warfare, as well as V.O. Pulver (GurD, POLTERGEIST) on guitar, who already helped out for their latest live shows and has now become a full time member of PÄNZER. "After producing the debut with PÄNZER, the guys asked me to help them out live to provide the double axe-attack on stage," remembers V.O. Pulver. "Of course I took the chance to rock out with my buddies. And when the opportunity came up to join them permanently, I didn't hesitate to accept and now I can't wait to play the sound of my youth!" Also Pontus was just as excited to join the heavy metal war machine: "It was not a hard decision when I got asked to join PÄNZER, it was a straight YES! To be able to create music with good friends is the most important thing in my world and in this band, having fun when making music, is number one." 

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Trailer #1 - Album Artwork:

Schmier | vocals, bass
Pontus Norgren | guitars
V.O. Pulver | guitars
Stefan Schwarzmann | drums

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Source: Nuclear Blast