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Finnish Folk for a New Era on the World – Interview with AMORPHIS

By Isabele Miranda

IM: AMORPHIS started as a Death Metal band and you added Progressive and Folk Metal to your style... Why?

Esa Holopainen: Why not? Hehee... Seriously speaking we got bored repeating ourselves and death metal as a form of music didn't offer any challenges to us. I mean, it’s fine to play death metal and I totally respect old school bands that are still around like ENTOMBED (is it A.D. these days) and GRAVE.

IM: On the second and third albums, the lyrics were based on Finland’s famous poetries. Is there a particular reason for that?

Esa: Those old poems are telling stories where people in Finland used to believe before christianity took over. It’s about old traditions and old gods that seem to fit our music perfectly. Luckily there are still bunch of people who believe in nature laws rather than in a guy who lived 2000 years ago and walked around the desert.

IM: You are one of Finland’s most famous band. How do you see that?

Esa: Flattering, of course. We’ve done a lot of work and it’s not been easy to come where we are. The career has been like a rollercoaster ride. We’ve faced up and downs but I can’t complain, last ten years has been really, really good.

IM: You guys used some poems to compose some songs lyrics, how was this process?

Esa: We have a friend named Pekka Kainulainen, he has written lyrics for last five albums. The process usually goes that we compose all the music and Pekka does the lyrics. Then we start to arrange lyrics into music. It’s actually a quite long process.

IM: About the Latin American tour, how was it? Tell us more about it.

Esa: It was amazing. We had so much good time and met great people and crazy fans. Hehee... Absolutely fave countries were Brazil and Colombia. I really hope to come back soon again.

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Isabele Miranda is a journalist, press manager and owner of Maximus Metal Channel

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