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Italian Dark/gothic metal - ANIMAE SILENTES "Suffocated" out today via Sliptrick records!

Dark/gothic Italian metal band ANIMAE SILENTES hit the streets with their new album, "Suffocated", released via Sliptrick Records in all regular formats worldwide. The important topics of the album are about the difficult and overwhelming moments we face, of love and hope for better days in the future.

The general sound of "Suffocated" is a constant roller coaster between dark, calm moments sung in a low and soft voice interjected with powerful, heavy and intense sections with higher, more emotive vocals and melodic, powerful instrumental parts. The main songwriter of the "Suffocated" album is Alessandro Sonato “Ramon” while the band helped to refine the songs in rehearsals and during the studio recording.

With "Suffocated"ANIMAE SILENTES are ready to kick out their debut album with 11 tracks full of heavy, overwhelming sounds and mystic atmospheres!

"Suffocated" | Released September 28th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01 Intro | 02 Burning In Silence | 03 Purgatorium | 04 Eville | 05 Nothing Else To Remind | 06 Illusion | 07 Save Me | 08 Desperation Road | 09 Madman Town | 10 Lost In My Soul | 11 Suffocated

The album was recorded mixed and mastered by Oscar Burato at Atomic Stuff recording studio (Isorella, BS, Italy).

Rock Ramon – Vocals | Tomas Valentini – Bass | Riccardo Menini – Guitars | Giovanni Scardoni – Guitars | Cristian Bonamini – Drums

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